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Case IH tractor needs no driver

Racine-based Case IH’s driverless, no-cab tractor is a concept vehicle: proven but not yet being manufactured, explained Rob Zemenchik, Case IH AFS global marketing manager. But he said with the onset of manufacturing it is just a matter of time.

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The tractor was created to validate the technology and gauge customer interest in future autonomous products. Case IH people say the interest has been tremendous, starting with its unveiling at the three-day Farm Progress Show last Aug. 30-Sept. 1.

The autonomous tractor was devised by CNH Industrial’s Case IH brand and CNH’s Innovation Group in collaboration with CNH Industrial’s technology provider Autonomous Solutions. Case IH installed the technologies on a Magnum tractor, and Magnums are manufactured at CNH Industrial’s local plant at 2701 Oakes Road. Zemenchik said that plant would play a major role in manufacturing the driverless tractor.

The tractor is a technological marvel that can operate with numerous field implements. Zemenchik said the tractor won the silver medal for technology for the annual SIMA agricultural exposition and would be shown there, in Paris, in late February-early March.

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